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Leaving Church: Finding God

Find Hope and Reclaim Your Spirituality After Leaving Church

Live FREE 2-Day Virtual Summit March 8–9 | 11 am – 2 pm (ET)

Hosted by: Rev Karla

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2-Day Summit Agenda


You Are Not Alone - Why are people leaving church? Your feelings of separation and loneliness are normal.

Navigating the Spiritual Wilderness - What is the spiritual wilderness, how do you navigate it and receive the most benefit from it while there.

The Healing Journey - What is religious trauma and how do you begin to heal from it?


Who are you carrying water for? - The patriarchal indoctrination that is Christianity. How is patriarchy internalized and how does it impact you? Why is it important to understand how we respond to power structures?

Peeling back the layers of toxic beliefs - Revisiting the Bible with a new set of eyes.

Reclaiming Your Spirituality - What does life look like when you have reclaimed your spirituality and are living a spiritually-empowered life?

How Will This Benefit You?

Are you worried that God is angry with you?

We assure you that God is not angry and we'll show you how God is found in other spiritual experiences and in humanity. The experience of God is expansiveness and extends beyond one religion’s understanding or control. This summit will help you reconcile your limiting beliefs about God and will invite you to expand your understanding of who or what God is and where God is found in the world.

What if we're wrong?

What if we're not? Admit it—you left church or are questioning your faith for a reason. That reason lives deep within you. It isn't there because someone planted the idea in you. Exploring how others have navigated these questions will do one of two things:

  1. It will help answer some of those questions that will settle your soul and help you stay planted where you are.
  2. You will finally find answers to those questions that invite you to explore a new path and spirituality that serves your highest good and points you to your deepest truths.

Coming out of this Summit, you will:

Understand the process of deconstructing from your religious heritage that no longer serves your highest good.

Discover the data that confirms that Christianity is in the middle of their day of reckoning.

Feel assured that you are not alone, as the data shows how many people are leaving church each and every day.

Embrace the spiritual wilderness and the wisdom and healing that arrive from your time in it.

Find comfort and connection when you hear Rev Karla's story, as well as others who, like you, find themselves leaving the church, but still desiring a connection to God.

Learn about church history and a new way to interpret and understand scriptures.

Embrace a new understanding of who—or even what—God is that invites you to a deeper relationship with the Divine mystery.

Join this special FREE Virtual 2-Day Summit! Limited seats available.



Rev Karla 

Teacher, Author, Minister, Healer

Teacher and writer Rev Karla is an ordained interfaith/interspiritual minister. Rev Karla helps people recover from religious trauma, reclaim their spirituality, and live with purpose and authenticity. She has amassed a following of over 600,000 on TikTok and Instagram combined, where she uses creativity and wit to connect with and teach her followers. Her videos and writings have been seen and shared by millions. After joining social media, Rev Karla quickly became the leader in the deconstructing conversation, teaching about deconstructing from Christianity, religious trauma, the spiritual-but-not-religious path, and the dangers of Christian nationalism. Rev Karla founded Numa Soul as a space for resources, teachings, and a safe spiritual community. She and her team are committed to building a world based on our highest social and spiritual aspirations—one that is just, kind, equitable, radically compassionate, and rooted in unconditional love. Rev Karla’s first book will debut in 2024.

Rev Karla is uniquely qualified to host this summit because of her experience that led her away from her Christian heritage and into a years-long journey of deconstructing from her religion, healing from her religious trauma, and reclaiming her spirituality. Through three years of Biblical and world religion studies and then two years in seminary, Rev Karla was ordained an interfaith/interspiritual minister in 2017 and began helping those deconstructing from Christianity.

Not sure if this is for you? Here are some questions you might have.

I am thinking about leaving church, but I am hesitant to attend this webinar. Can I attend it anonymously?

Absolutely! Although we assure everyone that this is a safe space and encourage everyone to appear on camera to better connect with each other, you do not have to appear on screen or show your real name if you're not comfortable doing so.

I’ve heard Rev Karla speak about this topic in her videos and blogs. How is this summit different?

During this 2-day event, Rev Karla dives deep into each topic, and opens up for questions and small group discussions, giving ample opportunity for you to get all your questions answered.

What if I just have questions, but I don’t want to leave church?

Questions about your faith are not only common, they reflect an inquisitiveness about spirituality that should be encouraged. You will be given an opportunity to ask your questions and hear what others have to say about their experiences. Leaving church is not a prerequisite for attending this webinar. An open mind and heart are.

How do I know this webinar is not simply a ruse of someone trying to proselytize their beliefs to get me to leave church or buy something I don’t want?

If you feel church leaders have manipulated you in some way that has negatively impacted you or caused you financial harm, it is understandable that you would be suspicious of anyone speaking about spirituality. Rev Karla understands this, as she too carries the scars of manipulative tactics from church leaders who used their power and influence in harmful ways. There is no proselytizing to leave church, or leave your religion, nor is there a paywall where some of the content will be hidden. While there will be an opportunity to learn more about what additional help Rev Karla can offer, none of the event's content is contingent upon your taking advantage of those additional services or products. The event is completely free and you cannot purchase anything during the event. 

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