“I’m so honored to offer these courses to help guide you on your spiritual journey. My years of teaching online and connecting with you on social media informed the creation of these courses specific to your needs. The team at Numa Soul and I have worked hard on these workshops so that they empower and equip you to heal, learn, grow and expand your spirituality.”

– Rev Karla

Whether you choose a self-paced pre-recorded workshop or opt for an interactive workshop that provides you the opportunity to ask questions in a live forum, Numa Soul courses provide the necessary tools for personal and spiritual transformation.

Healing Religious Trauma


Church-it’s time to heal-Rev Karla can help.
More and more people are deconstructing from toxic and harmful religious experiences and struggling to escape the far-reaching effects of spiritual abuse and trauma. If you’re ready to recognize and identify religious trauma and the wounds that it has created within your own life, then Healing Religious Trauma was created for you


Spiritual Reset 2023


Spiritual Reset ‘23 is a journey through 2023 for the rest of us. This course was borne from Rev Karla’s desire to empower spiritual sojourners who may be feeling spiritually “wobbly” after the excitement and high energy of the holidays.




Leaving Church, Finding God

The course you’ve been waiting for!
Rev Karla will walk you through deconstructing from:

  • The harm church leaders and pastors caused.
  • The beliefs that have been weaponized to oppress others.
  • The belief that there is no other way to understand who or what God is.
  • The belief that you must go to church in order to be spiritual.

The Jesus You Never Knew


What do I do about Jesus?
This question is often asked by people who leave church yet still feel the pull to reconnect with this mystical, Holy enigma that is Jesus.

Rev Karla will help guide you through this question and much more to find Jesus on your spiritual journey.




The Spiritual-But-Not-Religious Path


What does spirituality look like when your spiritual path looks nothing like your religious heritage?

This course will help you find meaning, direction and guidance outside the construct of organized religion.




Holidays for the Rest of Us Bundle


How do you find meaning in the holidays when you’ve deconstructed?

Join Rev Karla in her 3-course series Holidays for the Rest of Us.

It’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year for the rest of us.

Courses may be purchased individually or purchase all three to receive a special discount.


The Gratitude Journey


The Gratitude Journey is a 10-day contemplative journey to help us untangle from limiting and harmful indoctrinated beliefs and hold the space for us during the Thanksgiving season. We explore how our lived experiences can impact how, or perhaps if, gratitude shows up in our lives.



Hello December


Are you ready to have joy, wonder, and excitement again this December? Are you ready to say “Hello” to December with real feeling again?
Start reclaiming your enchantment and love for the holidays all over again by celebrating on your own terms.
There is so much more in December than Christmas-discover it with Rev Karla today.


God is Gay


The first time Rev Karla said “God is Gay” in a teaching video, the response was overwhelming. Some were offended-they felt it was an affront to their faith. More importantly those who responded with overwhelming emotion because-for the first time-they felt seen, heard, affirmed and loved.