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The Gratitude Journey

Thanksgiving For The Rest Of Us

Are you ready to start embracing a healthier understanding of gratitude instead of fighting resentment? Are you ready to transform into a better version of yourself while finally feeling whole and alive again during the holidays? Raise your happiness quotient, and start experiencing the life-changing effects of gratitude by enrolling in The Gratitude Journey today.


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"Thank you so much for offering The Gratitude Journey to start off the holiday season. So many times I revisited the words of Rev Karla during my ten day journey and found guidance from the wisdom in the teachings."

- J.A.

Here's What You'll Receive
Inside The Gratitude Journey

A Thoughtfully Guided 10 Day Journey To Thanksgiving

The Gratitude Journey begins November 15th and will run until November 24th.

10 Daily Video Teachings

Rev Karla will be covering topics such as:

  • The toxicity of Gratitude
  • Finding meaning when families disagree
  • Showing up with authenticity
  • Forgiveness (it isn’t what you think)
  • And much much more.

10 Written Teachings To Correspond With The Videos

Each day you will receive a written teaching from Rev Karla that directly cooresponds with the video teaching from the same day.

Daily Journal Prompts

Each day you will receive a printable daily journal prompt. This will serve as a way for you to not only reflect on the days learning, but also as a map of your personal gratitude journey.

Meditation Practices

In addition to the daily teachings and journal prompts, Rev Karla will also send you printable daily meditation practices to help you ground and center yourself.

Special Bonus

Rev Karla will answer questions from course participants through video, and will post inside the course portal at the conclusion of The Gratitude Journey.

Lifetime Course Access

"I received something beneficial out of each of the gratitude lessons. First of all, I have never thought about toxic gratitude - that opened my eyes. I also received lovely reminders that I am responsible for the energy I bring to the gathering, that I can choose how to respond - not react - to tension, and that no one is responsible for my peace but me."

- M.J.B.

Frequently Asked Questions

I would love to join but am worried about the time commitment. Will I have time for this in my already busy schedule?

If you are concerned about time, then The Gratitude Journey may be exactly what you need. Whether you prefer mornings, midday, or evenings, The Gratitude Journey is specifically designed to be a self-paced course, done on your time. It’s completely okay for you to skip a day or two if you really need to, as you can always come back to each email at any time. Gratitude Journey is as flexible and unique as your own spirituality.

I’ve dreaded the holidays for so long! I’m not sure if I can open myself to explore all the pain it’s brought me throughout the years. What if I become overwhelmed and am unable to finish the Gratitude Journey?

The Gratitude Journey is not professional counseling or therapy nor is it meant to diagnose or treat any condition, ailment or illness. If you have concerns around your psychological or emotional health and well-being, we strongly advise that you speak with your mental health professional before enrolling.

I’m excited to work with Rev Karla. How can I make sure my questions will be answered during this program?

We’re excited to work with you too! The Gratitude Journey is our first introductory course and is meant to be an affordable and low-cost transformative experience, which is why we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to answer all your questions personally. However, we will do our best to engage in meaningful conversation. During the course, you can also send questions to, although again, we can’t guarantee all questions will be answered personally by Rev Karla.

I’m working with a licensed therapist and feel I need to share this program with them before I register. How do I do that?

We respect the work our clients do with therapeutic programs. At no time do we ever suggest you suspend medical treatment, including medications, because you registered for this program. Your therapist can find all the information they need on this page. If they have additional questions, have them email us at

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